Our pricing guide

Conference Room Displays

$20 / space

per month, billed annually
Add up to 15 spaces
  • Unlimited office buildings
  • Room Display app: iPad & Android
  • Mobile app for scheduling
  • Analytics web dashboard
  • And all standard features…
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$22 / space

per month, billed annually
Add groups of 5, up to 30 spaces
    All of Basic and:
  • Amenities
  • Issue Reporting
  • Levels category within buildings
  • And all standard features…
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per month, billed annually
    All of Basic, Pro, and:
  • Level and Campus categories
  • SAML single sign-on (SSO)
  • Meeting services (i.e., catering, A/V)
  • And all standard features…
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$2 / desk

per month, billed annually
Add groups of 50, up to 300 desks
  • Seat assignments
  • Seat look-up
  • And all standard features…
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$3 / desk

per month, billed annually
Add groups of 50, up to 1,000 desks
minimum 100 desks
    All of Basic and:
  • Desk reservations
  • Hot desking
  • And all standard features…
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per month, billed annually
minimum 100 desks
    All of Basic, Pro, and:
  • Reverse hotelling
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Professional services
  • SCIM Integration
  • SAML single sign-on (SSO)
  • And all standard features…
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Features you expect and then some

Platform Basic Pro Enterprise
Works with all major calendars
Unlimited users
Manage multiple buildings
Room amenities
Issue reporting
Manage multiple levels
Manage multiple campuses
Scheduling Basic Pro Enterprise
Calendar integration
Status Board
Browser plugins
Cross-system support
Automatic room booking
Slack Plugin
Restricted booking
Automatic room booking
Aruba Meridian
Room Display Basic Pro Enterprise
iPad and Android apps
Start impromptu meetings
Remove abandoned meetings
Meeting privacy
Remote device management
MDM integration
LED case support
Analytics Basic Pro Enterprise
Measure your room usage
Find meeting bottlenecks
Weekly usage reports
Export your data
Custom reports (ask for pricing)
Administration Basic Pro Enterprise
Google and Office 365 SSO
SAML single sign-on
Active Directory sync
Web Dashboard Basic Pro Enterprise
Office search engine
Easy access to shared calendars
Meeting services
Support Basic Pro Enterprise
Live chat
Hands-on onboarding
Security audit assistance

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Frequently asked questions

Does Dyart integrate with my current calendars?

Yes! Dyart is like having a really smart assistant with access to your calendars. As long as you use a supported calendar system, you don’t have to change a thing unless you want to.

What kind of office analytics can Dyart report?

Dyart automatically combines calendar events, presence, and other office data to give insights about how your team and space work together. You’ll learn how meeting length, time of day, and frequency affect how your team operates.

Does this work for shared offices?

The dashboard and mobile apps make it easy to share calendars in multi-tenant environments. Here’s a guide to get started.

Do you have an on-premise version?

Dyart is available as a cloud-only service today, which makes it easy for us to quickly deliver new features and improve performance. We do not currently have plans to release a self-hosted version. Learn more about our security practices.

What hardware do I need?

For calendar booking, just an iPad. For presence, Dyart uses beacons to mark locations. A single beacon will fit most rooms. Check out the store for a full list of suggested equipment.

Do you provide the hardware?

No, Dyart is software that runs on off-the-shelf iOS (i.e. iPad) and Android devices. We keep a list of recommended equipment (and where to find them) here

What else can Dyart do?

Meeting upgrades and room booking are a good start, but there are many other office headaches Dyart can solve. See more of where a building API can go with our developer program.

Where can I get the mobile apps?

We keep links for all our apps here.

Which beacons should I buy?

We don’t sell beacons directly, but work with all popular brands. Beacons range from $5 to $30 each and can run on battery or AC power. We keep an up to date list of our favorites here.

Can I turn presence off?

Of course. You have full control over when (and how) you want Dyart to notice you. Go off the grid as much as you want.