Scheduling for your office, just got simpler.

Our conference room displays are a simple tool that allow you to gain control of your office. Complete with analytics and insights that uncover usage and help optimize space.

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Avoid Conflict & Increase Availability

See an empty room and not sure if its already booked? Not anymore. Gomeco enables you to book a room, right at the door. Check-ins confirm the meeting took place. If nobody shows up you have the option to automatically unbook the room, and free up the calander.

Just the tool we needed to manage our quick growth and save valuable time.”

Sana from Sysco

More Data. No more Guesses.

Over 95 KPIs help uncover workplace usage, including: popular rooms, equipment, average meeting length and attendee count.

"We didn't have an effecient way to quantify peak times per room or which of the office space types were being used most often. With Gomeco, we do.”

Shahbaz from iDroid USA

Most Available

This room wins for most active last week.
Suggest it to colleagues.


This room has low capacity usage.
Make sure big teams know about it.

Activity Spike

189% increase in meetings here.
Find out what changed.

Freed up

People aren't showing up.
Automatically remove abandoned meetings.

Meg Anderson


Terry Wong

Dyart Labs

Irum Hamid

AIN Productions

Get Local Support

Gomeco has partners across regions, states, and continents, creating a support network that is capable of providing deployment, training and support efficiently.

"We were just trying a pilot, but the support made onboarding so seemless that before we knew it Gomeco was an essential part of our workflow.”

Hamid from T C Sin & Associates

Gomeco works everywhere you do.

Sync over the cloud or deploy on premises.

Let's reimagine a better workplace, together.

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